About JK Academy

Jayanthi Kumaresh Academy of Veena aims to connect the artist with aspiring Veena students by providing periodic master classes on specified subjects. These master classes will throw light on the details of techniques, repertoire, practice and creativity and the effective use of these tools in the betterment of performance. The 35 years of concert experience will translate as a movement to create the next generation of Vainikas who will preserve, promote, propagate and present the National Instrument of India, the Saraswathi Veena, to the world. The Academy will soon roll out a continuous education programme with a stipulated syllabus for Veena students at all skill levels.  For now, we will begin with periodic MasterClasses.

Upcoming Classes

Notes between the frets – Sriranjani


This class will teach you

  • Understanding the ragam Sriranjani
  • An introduction to ragams close to Sriranjani
  • Gamaka based exercises in Sriranjani
  • The krithi Brochevarevare by Thyagaraja
  • Introduction of Swara Kalpana in Sriranjani

If you have learnt a few varnams and about 5-6 krithis, this class is for you.

Date & Time 28th November, 2020 7:00 pm IST
Class Duration: 1.5 Hours
Class Fee: ₹2250

Exploring Kalyani


Join the master in exploring Kalyani. This class with teach you

  • The important prayogas of the ragam Kalyani
  • How to develop a raga alapana in Kalyani
  • A discussion on how to improve creativity in Kalyani
  • Some fret based and Gamaka based exercises in Kalyani
  • Ideas for Swara Kalpana in Kalyani

Should have started on the manodharmam aspect of learning.

Date & Time 05th December, 2020 7:00 pm IST
Class Duration: 1.5 Hours
Class Fee: ₹2250

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