Are you Manodharma ready ?!

In celebration of the 2nd Birthday of Jayanthi Kumaresh Academy of Veena, this class is offered at a 10% discount instead of the usual fee. The discount has already been applied to the class fee.

We always wonder – when are we ready to play kalpana swara on our own and when can we play a raga alaapna on our own.

This ONLINE class will help you with the following:

  • Guidance to prepare yourself to create your own manodharama
  • Help you identify when you are ready to play kalapana Swaras and raga alapana
  • Teach some basic exercises to get you ready to play Kalpana swaras
  • Explore the steps involved in playing a raga alapana

This class is for all students of music, not just veena students

The class will be in E Shruthi.

Anyone with about 4 to 5 years of learning Carnatic music and wanting to embark on the journey of Manodharama will benefit from this class

Please notify me when this class is conducted next time