Beauty in Basics

This class with teach you

  • Class designed specifically for Veena Students
  • Swara Exercises to improve fluency on the Veena fretboard
  • Right hand plucking Exercises to improve speed
  • Small Gamakam Exercises to understand the raga better
  • Exercises in Adhi, Rupakam, Kanda Chapu and Misra Chapu talas
  • Learning a Ragamalika Jathiswaram

If you have learnt about 6 -7 Geethams and about 2 -3 Swarajathis, this class is for you. If you have learnt a couple of Varnams, even better.

Date & Time 19th September, 2021 7:30 am IST
Class Duration: 1.5 Hours
Class is Full

Please notify me when this class is conducted next time