Learn to Listen series 1

The ” Learn to Listen” series of classes aims at making listening to Carnatic music, a very friendly and familiar experience. We will deal with various aspects of music and do a few guided listening sessions too.

Carnatic music is a beautiful system of music that is structured most aesthetically as well scientifically. Rooted in the deep Indian classical tradition, this system of music is so popular even today and is practised widely by many practitioners who have devised several innovative presentation paths to make this music very relevant and soul stirring in today’s world. Be it the concert padhdhatthi, the repertoire, the nuances, the compositions or the improvisations, these can be mind boggling for a new listener and sometimes even for a seasoned listener. Join the class and view the world of Carnatic music through a very different lens.

Any student of Carnatic music, vocal or instrumental who wants to understand some technical and aesthetic aspects of the music, this class is for you. The thirst to learn and understand is most important. Age limit 10-99 years.

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