Chennai Margazhi Season 2018 schedule
by on November 12, 2018 in News whatsnew

December is always special with the Margazhi season in Chennai. Sharing with you my concert schedule for the Chennai Margazhi season 2018. 

The Chennai Margazhi season has become a statement to the world that a classical music festival of this magnitude can happen in a city with over 3000 concerts in a month at various venues covering all age groups of artistes and audiences.  Meeting fans from all over the world who travel miles to just catch you in your Chennai performance is such a heartwarming delight.

The content of each concert will depend on the type of concert, whether it is solo or a collaboration. The concerts will be planned with the tapestry of well-known ragas and some rare ragas. It will be designed to satisfy the connoisseur, kindle the interest in the student, and the rasikas who look forward to timeless tunes.


I look forward to playing in Chennai! 


Jayanthi Kumaresh