Cup O’ Carnatic – Kids Series Story 2
by on March 10, 2021 in cupocarnatic News

The Peacock and The Cuckoo


Story – 2 : The Peacock and the Cuckoo, an interpretation with carnatic ragas expressed through the Saraswathi Veena.

It is an enriching experience to see how Carnatic Music can be made relevant in every walk of our life.  Choosing stories from the books of the kids has been such a fun experience.

This is a bold attempt to enter the world of the kids and bring them closer to the rich, versatile Carnatic Music that moulds itself and becomes relevant in every situation.

The story features 3 ragas:
Ragam AMRITAVARSHINI (for the Peacock)
Arohanam: S G₃ M₂ P N₃ Ṡ
Avarohanam: Ṡ N₃ P M₂ G₃ S

Ragam VARAMU (for the Cuckoo)
Arohanam: S G₂ M₁ D₂ N₂ Ṡ
Avarohanam: Ṡ N₂ D₂ M₁ G₂ S

Ragam SINDHU BHAIRAVI (for Juno)

Here’s Juno’s song notation –