Veena Talks – May 2020
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Dear Friend,


Hope you are all safe and in good health. After being in several stages of lockdown, the key thoughts are about gratitude to all those who are working hard to keep us safe, thankful for the opportunity to connect with family and friends and to introspect and utlize the time given productively, breathe in the unpolluted fresh air and pray for better times to come. 

Sankat Mochan Festival in Varanasi went fully digital and I was blessed to present the Saraswathi Veena on this occasion. I was amazed at how quickly the whole festival adapted itself to ensure that decades of celebrations of this festival remained unbroken.  

Mid April saw the revival of Cup O’ Carnatic web series in a new Fun Series avatar. When inspiration strikes, experimenting with music is so much fun. The aim of this series is to simply connect music from various sources in a fun way with our rich Carnatic Music. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it. Check out the videos here –

COC Fun series!

Janani is a new single that I had the opportunity to record and release on May 8th which celebrates the spirit of Motherhood! Check out and share this video with that special person to acknowledge and appreciate all that they have done for you – 

From the sun to the soil,
One who nurtures and energizes,
One who has many forms,
One who is compassionate and giving,
Let’s cherish our Mother!…


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Stay safe and stay healthy,

With all my best wishes!
Jayanthi Kumaresh

Did you know!

Muthuswami Dikshitar’s guru was Chidambaranatha Yogi, who took Dikshitar to Varanasi. It was there that Dikshitar learned about music and philosophy. His exposure to Hindustani Music while he was there influenced many of his compositions that he created later when he moved back to Tamil Nadu.