Sunlight in Shankarabaranam
by on July 2, 2020 in Thoughts

#StudentsSpecial #SoundOfMusic meets Veena! Set to #Shankarabaranam which is the C major scale in Western classical music, today’s Cup O’ Carnatic Fun Series episode has a brand new melody titled “Sunlight” composed for students of music. So pick up your instrument and play or sing this new melody and share with us to get featured in this page next week. Remember to use hashtag #SunlightStudentsSpecial if you are posting on your wall.

Here’s the notation to the melody.

Title: Sunlight
Composer: Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh
Ragam: Shankarabaranam

Arohanam: S R₂ G₃ M₁ P D₂ N₃ Ṡ
Avarohanam: Ṡ N₃ D₂ P M₁ G₃ R₂ S
Thalam: Tishra Aadhi

Here is the link to the video. 

When inspiration strikes, experimenting with music is so much fun. The aim of this series is to simply connect music from various sources in a fun way with our rich Carnatic Music.

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