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I am writing this to share with you the joy of starting something new and exciting called the Indian National Orchestra for the first time in India.

Indian music is known world wide for its sophistication in expression, its melodic subtlety and the freedom of improvisation within the scientific boundaries of grammar.
Several Indian musicians have reached international acclaim and have become a musical sensation in the past and the present.

It is surprising though, that in spite of all of this, there is no comprehensive team called THE INDIAN NATIONAL ORCHESTRA consisting of performing musicians in their prime both from North and South India who can jointly perform Indian Music together and represent India in a national or international event.
This initiative of mine the INO (Indian National Orchestra) has been formed in the year 2011 with the continued ideas and enthusiasm of my friend Girishh Gopalakrishnan, a gen X music director to give its very first performance in Chennai on the 25th of June 2011 at the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. This will be followed by subsequent performances of the INO in all the major cities of India and abroad.

The INO 2011 will consist of extraordinary talents from pan India covering both North Indian and South Indian classical music forms. This combined collaboration would present what can be called as SHASTRIYA SANGEETH, which is both Carnatic and Hindustani music, but with a contemporary feel. Hence the music presented by INO will truly reflect India, as it is today—diverse in texture and variety, but united in spirit and purpose!

It brings together about 22 artists from both North and South Indian classical music on a common platform. The INO would try and showcase the best of Indian music at national and international level and also seek to acheive unity among Indians through music.


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