Mother, Oh Mother!!
by on February 22, 2011 in Thoughts

Mother, Oh Mother!!

Mother, I am so blessed to see thee in every place I go to,
Though moments I spend with you may be really few,
You take myriad forms and manifest in many ways,
you are beyond a sheer biological link as a link to any race.

I see you in the warmth of my hostess in every country I visit,
I see you in the caring gestures of my friends wherever I travel,
I see you in the eyes of my well wishers that fills up with pride
I see you in the undeserved praise that my fans shower on me

Mother, Oh Mother, you are an emotion, a sentiment, a feeling,
Mother, Oh Mother, you are the warmth given by just anybody in the world,
Mother my dear Mother, you are the care that even a stranger shows on me,
Mother, you are synonymous with the concern that anyone showers on me.

I see you in the God I pray to,
I see you in the good deeds I do,
I see you beyond a physical form
I see you in my heart’s calm

Mother is a concept, a way of life, a meaning to love,
A reason to love, a reason to care for your fellow beings,
Mother is more than just one relationship, it is being unselfish,
Mother is a reason to be a better person………to be human…

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