Veena Talks – Mar/Apr 2020
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Dear Friend,

Hope you are safe and healthy and riding the tumultuous times with courage. My newsletter for March & April combined brings you good wishes and prayers for all to safely tide over these difficult times. 

February was a beautiful experience for my veena.  We performed in Bengaluru with Pianist Anil Srinivasan – a different musical soundscape altogether. 

Performing in Nanded, Maharashtra was a great honour because this was the first time Carnatic music and the Veena were being featured in this beautiful city. 

A back to back performance with the god of rhythms, Ustad Zakir Hussain ji, was such an honour for us.  Sold out concert, warm and receptive audience both in Pune and Bengaluru was an energizing experience. 

I had the fortune of being a part of Chandrayaan – a musical odyssey created by Shantanu Moitra ji.  Click here for a short recap of my experience being a part of this.

Music is an all powerful healer and in these trying times it is God sent. Here in this youtube publishing, I share with you musically and verbally my journey traversing the tide.

Despite being in lockdown we are fortunate to be able to access a boundless variety of music at our fingertips to soothe our bruised and scarred souls. As we wait for the world to find a new normal, do check out my YouTube channel for the Amrithavarshini and Keeravani videos. 
I also invite you to visit my youtube channel and peruse all the episodes of Cup O Carnatic as a refresher. 

Cup O’ Carnatic – Season 1
Cup O’ Carnatic – Season 2
Cup O’ Carnatic – Season 3

I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote.

A special flower bloomed in my garden today
It was unusual, nothing like I had ever seen on any other day
A pregnant silence enveloped its petals
And uncertainty lurked around like the one in battles

Having no schedule to follow, I watched it all day
I smelt anxiety, fear, nervousness, reassurance , all a little more than I can say
The air was calm, but is it the calm before a storm?
Surely with the sun shining, the wind blowing, and the birds chirping, there can be no harm!

We periodically need to do repotting for ourselves
A thorough shakeup, then wait for the muddle to settle itself
It takes a while for clarity to emerge
For the mind, body and soul to merge

Looking at the flower, a thousand thoughts filled my heart
Nature says so much more, than any book can impart
I wait and wait for the light to dawn
If night is here, can morning be far beyond?

A special flower bloomed in my garden today…”

Humans are very resilient and like the legendary phoenix have been known to rise up from the ashes several times in the history of human kind; what we need to search within ourselves and learn is how to be kind and human.

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Until next time,

Enjoy life and all the musical possibilities it offers!
Jayanthi Kumaresh

Did you know!

The 4 playing strings on the Veena represent the 4 vedas while the 3 thalam strings represent Icha shakti, Gyana shakti and Kriya shakti.